Why Professional Coaching is important in Agile Transformation

Year on year the Annual State of Agile Report consistently shows leadership, culture and resistance to change amongst the top challenges for Agile Transformations.

Too often Transformations are process lead, focusing on organisational structure, process and tools, the things we see and can easily measure. Less attention is paid to the things more hidden like mindset, culture and relationships. Without sufficient attention these apply tension, much like a rubber band, resisting and pulling back the transformation to the status quo.

An integral approach that considers things above and below the surface is needed. Things below the surface, such as our mindset and beliefs, is where the greatest leverage lives for scaling and sustaining Agile Transformations.

When we are able to shift the way we think and our underlying beliefs, in line with what we want, this enables being agile, a benefits multiplier over simply following a set of practices and doing agile.

To help make these shifts Professional Coaching is an essential Agile Coaching Competency needed to evoke transformation both in Organisations and Individuals. Professional Coaching enables deeper discovery, increased awareness and leaving people with intentional and resonant choice that leads to more of what they actually want. It’s the key to unlocking the innate wisdom and potential within organisations towards what is trying to happen.

At Two Percent Shift we embrace two ICF endorsed coaching models to support coaching Organisations, Teams and Individuals, each of the models have a particular strength supporting the different types of Coaching.

Why should we care about relationships?

Human relationships are an integral part of the complexity experienced in Agile Transformation, as we’ve written previously:

As the interactions between parts of a system are managed by people, it makes sense to focus on the relationship of the people, in order to improve the interactions of the parts and the system as a whole. ORSC gives us the tools to coach the people, who can improve the system.

We have heavily invested in our growth in both Co-Active and ORSC Professional Coaching models to build on top of our Agile/Lean practitioner skills and experience. This enables us to work skilfully with all aspects of an Agile Transformation so we are best placed to work with the top challenges that occur.

We’ve seen real impact in applying Professional Coaching to government and private clients. If you are ready to start the journey of fundamentally shifting the mindset, culture and practices of your organisation contact us at enquiry@twopercentshift.coach