Coaching a Perth Government Agency through their Agile Transformation

At Two Percent Shift we coach organisations through transformations to make shifts towards what is collectively trying to happen.

This week we had the pleasure of facilitating a division within a Perth based government agency that is undertaking a large scale agile transformation to improve the delivery of value to the customer in the shortest sustainable lead time and empower their people to help make it a great place to work.

Day 1 we covered the vision, why the change was necessary, what the mission ahead was as well as providing some foundational knowledge of agile ways of working.

Day 2 was spent validating their target delivery model by the people closest to the work, how they will be organised to support operational value streams and co-creating a 90 day plan towards that target state.

Beyond the practices they might do and how they might be structured we also paid close attention to mindset and relationships. Increasing empathy between different groups and helping to unify everyone under a new identity that was inclusive of everyone. This has provided the necessary foundations for the work and collaboration ahead. Two examples of this include:

  • Creating space for people to voice what was going on for them, and raise issues that might have been considered taboo. This frank exchange created awareness of how people were feeling, their hopes and concerns – and possible actions for what needed to happen next.
  • Recognising the value that different peoples’ response style to change brings – early adopters, bridge builders and tradition holders, and what support each style needs from the others to thrive. What this revealed was a high level of enthusiasm and support for the change.

Amazing to get this specific feedback, this is empirical data that we are on mission!

This was significant and worthwhile work, the reason we do what we do and get out of bed in the morning to work at Two Percent Shift.