Are you renting your organisational transformation?

When undergoing an organisational transformation, there’s a strong temptation to adopt a model off the shelf. It’s easier, it gives you a thing to tell people what you’re doing (‘we’re going SAFe’, or ‘we’re adopting the Spotify model’), and it gives you a reference for solving problems – all you need to do is ‘follow the model’. 

Adopting a model off the shelf is akin to ‘renting’ – taking possession of something prebuilt, with low investment and little attachment. Renting can serve a purpose in that there is a body of knowledge to draw from, often handy guides, training and consultants happy to guide you – so it’s often viewed as a faster way to achieve organisational transformation. 

At Two Percent Shift we don’t advocate renting because while it might provide short term comfort when wrestling with the uncertainty and complexity of change, it has a significant drawback that severely limits the embedding and sustainability of an organisational transformation that achieves your business goals in your environment:

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