We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Every journey is different. The first step is a conversation to understand where you are now, and where you would like to be. We can then give you more details on how we can help.

These are the problems we can help you solve:


Help us transform our organisation to be more adaptive and responsive to changing customer needs in complex environments.

Transformation is about people, culture and mindset, not structure and process alone. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of other transformations by ensuring you look holistically at all aspects of the change.

It starts with why, understand the goals of the transformation, then work out how. The goal is not agility, it’s the benefits you gain from agility that counts.

We have built up years of experience in large scale enterprise transformations in Perth. Through these experiences we have learnt that sustainable transformations need to emerge. Our approach is to test and learn by thinking big, acting small and learning fast.


Help us align and work together effectively towards shared organisational goals.

To deliver valuable outcomes sooner requires structural boundaries to change. Shifting from independent silos towards greater collaboration and interdependence. Yet human relationships limit our potential to work together effectively.

We provide coaching support to help organisations and teams forge alignment. This is not the same as agreement or harmony. It is instead consciously agreeing to move in the same direction in service of shared organisational goals.

We help organisations create safety, foster respect, build trust and develop community to support that interdependence.


Help us improve our way of working so that we can deliver better outcomes for our customer.

You might have already adopted new ways of working and experiencing some challenges or reached a ceiling to the benefits you were chasing.

Maybe you want to improve the speed of delivery, make work more visible, improve quality, increase predictability or lower costs.

We can help you through the facilitation of System and Team Retrospectives that reveal system conditions, identify underlying root causes that lead to systemic improvement.

Alternatively we can observe and assess your value stream and delivery practices and both coach in the moment and provide you with recommendations.


Help us have an engaged, productive workforce.

35% of people feel engaged in their work.
43% feel detached or disengaged.
22% feel unsupported.
Willis Towers Watson, 2012

That’s alarming research data to face into, how much untapped potential do you have within your organisation?

We can help shift engagement by coaching teams in ways of working that support the intrinsic motivators of autonomy, mastery and purpose, aligned to organisational goals.

When people are happier at their work it increases productivity and creativity to unleash their full potential.


Help us scale our agile ways of working.

Maybe you already have agility working well at the team level, you now need to master things at scale. How do you get multiple teams working on same product? How do you visualise and optimise the flow of work through your organisation? How do achieve business agility at scale?

We are experienced and certified practitioners in large scale frameworks such as Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). We are framework agnostic though and recognise that your own context matters.

We would leverage our practical experience of these frameworks but co-create adaptations that will work for you. This we will discover together through taking a scientific experiment approach.


Agile Leadership, Scrum Master, Product Owner and essential agile training for teams.

Our courses are different as we focus on experiential learning that we can relate to applied real world stories in Perth.

As well as our published training we can customise training to fit what you need. This includes running short deep dive sessions on specific topics that drill into concepts you need to learn.

In our training we frequently shift between movement, speaking, drawing, listening and writing. This helps maximise the experience by supporting people’s different learning styles: visual, audible and kinaesthetic (moving), observing and doing.

What to expect

We look to increase awareness and ensure shared understanding across teams and organisations to help facilitate new insights that lead towards new directions. This involves large group facilitation, visual communication, a bias to action whilst minimising waste.

In addition to agile values expect us to value:

  • Flipcharts OVER Power Point
  • Photographed whiteboard discussions OVER meeting minutes
  • Face to face conversations OVER written communications
  • Active participation of all voices OVER siloed conversations
  • Energised workshops OVER traditional meetings

NB. whilst there might be value in the things on the right we value the things on the left more