Coaching with Steve

Steve Barrett
Leadership, Organisation and Team Transformation Coach

Are you noticing that something is off in your organisation, team or even your own life? You have dreams and hopes that are unfulfilled! Challenging situations, relationships, frustration and overwhelm feel like everyday experiences!

Yet you know deep within yourself that there is potential for something much better. It’s time for you to take back those hopes and dreams!!

Together, we can create a safe and courageous space, partnering on a journey of discovery that will increase awareness and deepen your learning. With fresh perspectives, renewed energy and resonant choice your hopes and dreams can become possible. It might not always be easy, you will need to put the work in, in partnership we can create the container that will allow it to happen.

As a coach I’m not above or below you, I’m outside you. I serve you, able to reflect truth with care, holding your vision, yet able to challenge and champion your journey towards the outcomes you seek.

I work with leaders, organisations, teams and individuals to unlock your own resourcefulness and creativity to navigate your challenges, however difficult they might seem, so that you can achieve the goals that matter to you.

Still wondering what it’s about? Not sure if coaching is for you? Not sure if I’m the coach for you? Book a free sample coaching session using the appointment booking below and let’s find out together.

“Just finished writing up my notes and actions from the coaching session with Steve. Man he is good. I know I play in it as well but he helped me discover a core blocker that has been with me for many years…like a frikken shrink! It’s amazing how I had a topic planned with a stretch goal / super long term vision as a backup and we went straight for the jugular of the stretch goal.
It has shaken and inspired me!”