Coaching with Donna

Donna Trebilcock
ICF Executive & Organisational Coach

After experiencing the power of coaching in my own life, I knew that coaching was the career path meant for me. I consider it a great privilege to be entrusted to help guide people on their own journeys of personal and professional development.

I am constantly inspired by the ‘a-ha’ moments my clients have in our coaching sessions, and the process of helping them to get ‘un-stuck’, getting ultra clear on their goals, and the path to achieving them.

I aim to meet my clients where they’re at, always starting a coaching series by understanding how we can partner to create the best possible coaching experience. My role is not to give advice, but rather to use powerful questions to help my clients feel clear and empowered in whatever they’re striving for (even if they’re not certain what that is yet!).

I work with clients at all stages of their lives and careers. I have a special interest in leadership development and building strong, high performing teams.

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“Donna’s passion, patience, and rigour empowered me to be naturally curious and seek answers to unravel what I termed “the ball of yarn” in my head. It has allowed me to bring clarity to my passions, drivers, and non-negotiables in both my personal and professional life.”


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