Are you renting your organisational transformation?

When undergoing an organisational transformation, there’s a strong temptation to adopt a model off the shelf. It’s easier, it gives you a thing to tell people what you’re doing (‘we’re going SAFe’, or ‘we’re adopting the Spotify model’), and it gives you a reference for solving problems – all you need to do is ‘follow the model’. 

Adopting a model off the shelf is akin to ‘renting’ – taking possession of something prebuilt, with low investment and little attachment. Renting can serve a purpose in that there is a body of knowledge to draw from, often handy guides, training and consultants happy to guide you – so it’s often viewed as a faster way to achieve organisational transformation. 

At Two Percent Shift we don’t advocate renting because while it might provide short term comfort when wrestling with the uncertainty and complexity of change, it has a significant drawback that severely limits the embedding and sustainability of an organisational transformation that achieves your business goals in your environment:

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Organisational Transformation is an infinite game

In this post we look at Organisational Transformation through the lens of Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game. To quote Wikipedia:

“Sinek claims that leaders who embrace an infinite mindset, aligned with infinite play, will build stronger, more innovative, inspiring, resilient organizations, though these benefits may accrue over larger timescales than benefits associated with a finite mindset”

Organisational Transformation is an ongoing and infinite process. There is a language of, and approach to ‘Organisational Transformation’ that has us believe that ‘transformed’ has an end state with specific goals that limits – rather than unleashes – the growth potential of organisations who invest heavily in Organisational Transformation.

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Coaching a Perth Government Agency through their Agile Transformation

At Two Percent Shift we coach organisations through transformations to make shifts towards what is collectively trying to happen.

This week we had the pleasure of facilitating a division within a Perth based government agency that is undertaking a large scale agile transformation to improve the delivery of value to the customer in the shortest sustainable lead time and empower their people to help make it a great place to work.

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Ad hoc Coaching Service – First 3 hours free!

Our hypothesis …

We believe that if we provide a Coaching Service. 

There will be agilists, teams and leaders who will gain new insights, solve real problems and discover pathways to grow and increase their potential. This will result in people who are happier at work and who can focus on doing great things together.

We will know this to be true when we have people providing positive feedback and keep coming back for more

To test our hypothesis, we are trialing an hourly coaching service!

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Definition of Ready for working in an Agile way

Recently we were asked to help make some traditional waterfall projects ‘more agile’. On investigation it wasn’t clear if the work would be better off with a switch to agile, and if that part of the organisation was ready to support an agile way of working. To provide more clarity we created this guide to help consider if agile was the ‘right’ approach, and if so – what conditions needed to be present.

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