Excited to announce the launch of Two Percent Shift

We (Steve Barrett and Padgett Rowell) are launching Two Percent Shift to support leaders who believe business agility is required to survive and thrive. Our experience has shown that by uncovering an organisation’s collective intelligence it will make tiny shifts that make big differences.

What we do

Two Percent Shift provides Agile Coaching, Transformation and Training services to Perth industries where there is a desire to shift the organisation and teams towards better outcomes. We support leaders working in complex environments to develop a resilient and adaptable organisation to better deal with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. 

We support the growth of Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches working the field, as well as people looking to work in or alongside agile teams.

In headline we:

  • Unlock collective intelligence to transform organisations
  • Facilitate alignment to collaborate effectively towards a shared vision
  • Mentor agile delivery methods that improve customer outcomes
  • Uncover ways of working that engage people and increase productivity
  • Train organisations, leadership and teams in agile ways of working
  • Coach organisations to emerge ways to scale agility within your environment

Why work with us

There are lots of businesses, large and small, you might choose to work with. Here’s why you might want to work with us:

  • We think big, start small, move fast
  • We grow your capability so we are not needed anymore
  • We respect what you have and evolve together what you need over installing someone else’s ‘model’
  • We are local community leaders in agile with years of applied experience transforming and scaling agile in organisations around Perth

Why we do it

The majority of our lives is spent at work, yet too many people dread coming to work, unable to bring their whole self, it can simply be a transaction.

We believe people should be able to enjoy their work, as much as they enjoy their rest and play. When people are happier their collective intelligence, creativity and productivity rises.

This creates an intelligent organisation that is able to sense and respond towards better business outcomes sooner, and with far more creativity than traditional organisations that lack the autonomy to react.

Are you ready to shift? Contact Steve and Padgett at enquiry@twopercentshift.coach